Search Engine Optimization, SEO:
Increase Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization, SEO:
Increase Website Traffic
More than 78% of all people find out about your website by using search engines such as Yahoo, AOL, Google, AltaVista and so on. Small business and Home Businesses are moving to the internet for exposure. Check out the Small Business Stats. This is one of the many reasons we need Search Engine Optimization People type some keywords and look for information. You want these potential customers to find your website. This means traffic. Your BUSINESS LIFELINE. After all without a steady stream of visitors (potential customers) to your website, how will you earn?Remember, once you optimize your website, you have the potential to earn 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR.

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"Search Engine Optimization, SEO:
Increase Website Traffic"

How do you find what you’re looking for on the World Wide Web (the internet)? Sure, sometimes you get a URL (universal resource locator) – address from someone. That’s the big long name that someone writes down for you, and you key it in on your browser’s address line. But most of the time, you may not have an address in hand when you go to the internet. You are LOOKING, or SEARCHING for something by topic or keyword. You might compare the internet to a HUGE library, and you’re looking in an index trying to find what you’re looking for. So how do you begin on the internet? Most people know that there are SEARCH ENGINES, or websites on the internet where you can type in a topic and get back a list of HITS, or sites that have a word that matches your topic. You may be asking, "what exactly is a search engine?" A search engine is just a search tool that compiles large databases of information and returns a list of sites based on a search phrase that a user supplies. That is the simplest explanation.

As mentioned earlier, choosing a proper Domain Name is A MUST! Although the Domain Name will help some with the search engines, it is best to describe your website.

If using multiple keywords, place the most important ones first in order.

Don’t be afraid of using dashes separating your keywords in your URL.

Your keywords are what the search engines look for in your META Tags and the body of your text when ranking your web site.

It’s CRUCIAL to find the best keywords that your target market is using in SEARCH ENGINES.

You can OPTIMIZE your site for the Search Engines using the correct keywords!

Use "Word Tracker". Within a short period of time you’ll have a list of dozens of keywords phrases that will bring traffic to your web site. Find your NICHE, make sure it’s one that people are looking for and that the keywords are not too broad or competitive.

Here you will decide, Am I in it for the money or will I pick a subject that I have an interest in such as sports, pets, history, global warming? Working on a website in an area of interest to you is like not working at all. It's more of recreational activity. If that subject can earn you some cash, better yet. Again, the question is, Am I in it for Money, pleasure or both?

Keyword Density is the number of times your keyword appears in relation to the other words on your web page.

For example, if your keyword is "business" and your web page has only one word of text – "business" -- the keyword density for this keyword would be 100%. If, on the other hand, the text on your page is "business partner", then the keyword density for the keyword "business" would be 50%.

Keyword density plays a huge role in determining how your page ranks in SEARCH ENGINES.

You can check this feature for your web site using:Keyword Density.

META Tags - written into your HTML document intended to describe your page to the SEARCH ENGINES for the purpose of cataloging the content of your page.

This will only be seen by the search engine spiders that visit and index your page.

Words contained in META Tags are given a lot of weight by many Search Engines.

Part of your competitive analysis should include a review of each sites META tags. META tags are generally within the first few lines of HTML code of a web site. You can view the source code for a web site by clicking on VIEW in the top menu bar. Then scroll down to view PAGE SOURCE (Netscape) or Source (MSIE), which will bring up the actual program or HTML code for that web page. As you view the source page, you will find lines of code that start with the word , These are the keywords for the web site.

Jot down the keywords and descriptions for each source page you view. The purpose of this exercise is to get a feel for what keywords and descriptions are prevalent for your specific industry segment. NOTE: Please remember that copying another sites source code is illegal and is protected by US Copyright Law,you will run the risk of being prosecuted.

HTML-stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language".

Web Sites and Web Pages are written mainly in HTML; however, other markup and scripting languages can be used such as XML and javascript.

HTML is an easy language to learn. With a little knowledge of HTML and using programs called HTML EDITORSyou can design a web pages for yourself. We suggest you check out this editor: Web Monkey.

Using this resource above:

  1. Be certain the words that you choose as your keywords show up in your Title tags. Many people fail to place their keywords in their TITLE tags.
  2. Avoid overusing keywords. Instead of simply repeating your keywords over and over again(known as " search engine spamming", for which your site can be permanently BANNED from the search engines),weave your keywords into actual text dialog.
  3. Optimize pages to score well on SEARCH ENGINES – maximum keywords+keywords density-that are linked to your main page. Use keywords in text as discussed earlier.
  4. Link all of your Tier 2 pages from your Home Page. You provide the means by which a search engine can find the various pages on your web site whenever it visits your Home page.
  5. Putting images into your web site make them work for you by including strategic keywords into the IMG and ALT tags. The more pages the better.
LinkingLinking - is one of the major factors in Search Engine Optimization It is a score based upon the number of incoming links from other web sites to your web page. The more incoming links-the better.

Because good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. And due to recent developments, they can even generate additional search engine traffic to your site.

Most of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.

Knowing who links to your site and increasing the number of quality links is an important part of any web site promotion effort. This free service allows you to query Google, Altavista, and Hotbot and reports on link popularity.

You can check Link Popularity to any web page using:Link Popularity

LINK REPUTATION – is criteria based upon what other Pages are saying about your single Page.

Reciprocal Links Solution

Search engine ranking facts newsletter

PAGE IMPORTANCE- Page Rank. Google has produced a "rating" which has become the industry standard.

The tool you’ll need to install PR feature on your web site is free. You can get it by going to Google Toolbar.

Once installed, it will produce a Page Rank score for every page you visit.

PR-stands for Page Rank. Rating is 1 -10, 10 being the highest.

We recommend the best resources where you can learn about all the Search Engine secrets in details:John Buchanan - SE Secrets states, "Use the secrets I am going to share with you on this page and I guarantee you will increase your site's traffic by at least 200% in as little as 30 days! Without spending one penny on advertising."SE Secrets - the insider guide to dominating the search engines.

Search Engines

Which ones to focus on! The more the better? Concentrate on:

  1. Google.

    Google provides results for Yahoo!, AOL, Netscape, IWon and many others.

    The average submission time 3-4 weeks.

    Submission page: Google Add URL.

    They do not have Express Submission but you can use Google Ad Words service to generate traffic in 48 hours.

  2. Overture. Pay-Per-Click Search Engine.Provides results for: MSN, Yahoo!, Excite, Hotbot, Lycos, AltaVista and several others.


You bid for your keywords.

You can get immediate targeted traffic to your web site.

With its help you can get on eight of the top SEs such as MSN, Yahoo!, Lycos, AltaVista…

All you have to do – just get to the premium listing in Overture.

List Your Site with Overture and appear on the top of search results of leading sites like Yahoo!, Lycos and MSN

To monitor your website ranking in each SEARCH ENGINE, we reccomend using -

THE PERFECT SOFTWARE that will show you how exactly how your web site ranks in each SEARCH ENGINE under specific keywords, keyword combinations and search phrases, so you can make improvements, correct problems and increase your web site traffic.

Before submitting, check your website performance one more time using NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site

: Power Tools for Your Web Site.

Necessary steps that will help keep your clients returning to your website.

Provide Useful Content. Don't Just Sell! These days, it's not enough to have a website that lists your products and provides a shopping cart for purchases. If you want your visitors to return, you'll want to provide meaningful content. If you sell pet supplies, your site could post pet health items, articles about the latest information on nutrition for pets. A Tax Attorney site could publish tax tips and offer links to IRS forms.

The programmers who work on today's search engine technology are Internet "old school". They reluctantly accept that search engines have become a marketing tool to many. So, those programmers have stacked the deck in favor of web sites that share information and services freely. If your site has a chance of winning search engine battles, you must concentrate on building a site rich with information.

Obviously there isn't room for the volumes it would take to teach you how to optimize your site in this segment. I would rather ask you to concentrate on two things:

1)build a great web site that delivers value through excellent content

2)remember that the Internet is a community and the things you do to attract and nurture a community help your web site to win search engine battles.

Encourage customer feedback via online email. Ask your customers what they want. Did they find what they were looking for? How could your site be more useful or easier to use? Listen to your customers' phrases and gripes. They will tell you what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.

Develop a Mailing List. Most consumers hate getting junk email, also called "spam." A better strategy is to develop a mailing list. Invite your customers to "opt in" to receive a newsletter or updates on your products or service. Make this information relevant and useful for your customer. And, always give the recipient an easy means to "opt out" of receiving future emails.

How to increase traffic to your Web site without spending advertising dollars.

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