Internet Phone

Internet Phone
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over cable has matured as a viable communications solution as CableLabs and tComLabs have spearheaded the development of standards and protocols for cable telephony. Net2Phone, a pioneer in VoIP, has now developed this technology for consumer deployment, offering operators substantial cost savings and the opportunity to more fully leverage the HFC plant and provide a competitive quality phone service.

Internet Phone develops and manages an end-to-end cable telephony solution for MSOs, first by working closely with an operator to determine its specific requirements and building a business case for cable telephony in a specific market.

Internet Phone uses Planning and Deployment services then provide all network engineering and design of the cable telephony solution over the operator's Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) plant to the interconnects on the public switched network (PSTN). Net2Phone also provides packetized network deployment and integration into the operator's back office.

Internet Phone is responsible for the network element integration and on-going service assurance of the call management server (CMS) providing softswitch capabilities including CLASS features.

Internet Phone's market differentiator is the Real Time Service Assurance platform that gives the operator a constant view of activity down to the customer level and overall perspective on the status of the cable telephony network.

Internet Phone also offers operators a range of services, including the ability to outsource the ongoing management of telephony circuits, the acquisition and ongoing management of customer phone numbers, and the ongoing management of local and long distance termination.

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