PC PLLC - Providing Professional Services

PC PLLC - Professional corporations - PCs and Professional Limited Liability Companies - PLLCs are
corporations and limited liability companies organized for the purpose of providing professional services within a specific framework.

What services constitute professional services are defined by state law, and differ from state to state; however, it is usually professions requiring a license, for example: doctors, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers that are required to form PCs or PLLCs .Additionally, a PC or PLLC must typically be organized to solely provide the services of the licensed practitioners.

PC PLLC - Needs Approval of State

The formation of a Professional Corp or Profesional Limited Liability Co involves additional steps, such as approval by the appropriate state licensing body and signature of a licensed professional as the incorporator or organizer, prior to sending the formation documents to the state. In addition to preparing and filing the necessary documents with the appropriate state agency in order to establish your PC or PLLC.

PLLCs and LLCs are still a very new option in most states only Wyoming and Florida had LLC statutes on the books prior to the 1990s.

Laws governing LLCs and PLLCs can vary widely from state to state, complicating the conduct of business across state lines. There are, as of yet, no uniform laws concerning LLCs and PLLCs, so an even greater knowledge of the state laws will be required of the company that does business in more than one state.

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