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529 Plan for Educational Savings

The cost of education is an important part of calculating your expenses. A 529 Plan
is a state-sponsored program designed to help finance education expenses.

There are a number of business structures available for businesses.

  • Sole Proprietorship – where the owner and the business are legally considered to be the same.

  • General Partnerships – where two or more people are owners of the business. As with sole proprietorships, the partners and the business are legally considered the same.

  • Limited Partnerships – where two or more people are owners of the business, but there are different levels of partners, general partners and limited partners. The primary advantage of incorporating a business is often considered to be the limited liability afforded to the owners.

  • C Corporations – a legal entity that exists separately from its owners.

  • Articles of Incorporation – file with the Secretary of State or Corporations Commissioner.

  • Corporations listing by States - Corporations by State

  • S Corporation – a standard corporation that elects a different tax status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Limited liability company (LLC) – an entity that combines the limited liability characteristic of a standard corporation with the pass-through tax treatment of an S corporation.

  • LLC listing by States - LLC by State

  • Nonprofit corporation – a corporation organized without a profit motive.

  • Professional corporation or LLC – a type of corporation or LLC that most states require be formed if the business will be providing services that are licensed, such as medical, dental, actuarial, or architectural services.

  • Protecting your assets within the Corporate Veil is mandatory.

  • Seperation of individual and corporation - Alter Ego Doctrine.

  • Business Types Compared Chart your Form of Business

  • Each Business Entity needs a Registered Agent

Staying Physically Fit
Free Grant Companies are set up to assist those in our society that are unable to secure money through conventional means. Either through Debt or Equity. Business Definitions to aid in your business. Someone has to help those in need, and they are set up to do just that. Those applying for a Free Grant must not have a total net worth that exceeds $250,000 and all applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
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