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Consolidate Student Loans

As you are well aware, trying to attain financing for a new company can be difficult. Most times the financial institution will request your personal credit history. It is for that reason, this site carries information on personal credit.

Update 1/25/2005

Small Business Financial Statements needed for potential Investors or Lenders

Almost all investors and lenders want to see your Small Business financial statements. By preparing a basic financial statement package for your Small Business, and keeping it current, you'll be in a better position to act quickly on financing opportunities. There are two levels of Small Business financial statements to prepare, the basic documents needed for most small business financial activities, and supporting documents needed, especially for large loans or investments.

SBA 7(a) Term Loan Guaranty Program Defined - The U.S. Small Business Administration's 7a Term Loan Guaranty program provides loan guarantees to approved banks and approved lenders. In the event of default by the borrowing Small Business Concern (SBC), the SBA is willing to reimburse up to 90% of the loss that the lender would otherwise sustain. Consequently, lenders may be willing to accept a greater credit risk and grant more favorable terms than they might otherwise. SBA also has a revolving line of credit loan guaranty program but very few banks are willing to participate. SBCs that are poor credit risks or fail to clearly state their ability to repay the loan will probably be turned down.

For-profit Small Business Concerns (SBC) with a history of success in the same business for which the funds are to be used. They must have sufficient cash assets to assure a successful venture and sufficient collateral to liquidate in case of default. SBA defines the maximum size of the business by industry and is based upon ether gross revenues or number of employees. Most SBCs qualify. A few industry types are excluded from SBA programs. Start up businesses require more cash assets, collateral and more experienced ownership than existing, profitable SBCs.

Factoring - Receivable factoring sources provide an expedient means of acquiring working capital by selling the invoice (your accounts receivable) for a product or service that has been rendered.

Federal Grant initiatives, funded by the U.S.Government, and private foundations, allows only certain people that meet unusual requirements to obtain a Federal Grant or Loan.

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529 Plan for Educational Savings

The cost of education is an important part of calculating your expenses. A 529 Plan is a state-sponsored program designed to help finance education expenses.

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