Standard Mileage Rates 2008

Standard Mileage Rates 2008

2008 Mileage Rates

The following applies to the 2008 tax year.

The IRS has just announced that, as of July 1st, Standard Mileage Rate (SMR) for deducting business use of your personal vehicle, will increase by 8-cents per mile -- about 15%.

The NEW RATE will be 58.5¢ per mile as of July 1, up from the current rate of 50.5¢.

Vehicle use for Medical and Moving will also increase on July 1, jumping from 19¢ to 27¢, although the deduction for Charity use will remain at the measly rate of 14¢/mile.

Taxpayers can deduct car expenses if they move or relocate for a job. The car expenses are claimed as part of the moving expenses deduction.


If you are using the 90-day recordkeeping method described in Chapter 7, the calculation will be easy. Since the rate change takes effect at exactly the mid-point of the year, you will take the mid-point between 50.5-cents and 58.5-cents, -- which is 54.5-cents -- and multiply that number by the total number of business miles driven for the full year.

If you will put 10,000 business miles on your car this year, this rate increase will be worth an additional $400 in tax deductions for 2008.

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