Stock Trading

Stock Trading

For a stock trader long term can be an hour or a few days depending on your buy and sell signals incorporated within market conditions. Win or lose a trade is just one trade. Win or lose, you must move on to the next trading situation. You cannot afford the luxury to celebrate, nor can you despair with a loss.

Stock Trading by itself commands each trader to develope in his own way the ability to keep on going. You may have many failing trades and still win the long term pursuit of stock trading profits. But you have to keep going.

Each trader must develop a personal risk management program. Part of this risk management approach must include a definitive method of removing trading profits from the market. Deployment of these profits are best directed to a lower risk category of trading.

Each trader must learn to deal with uncertainty. Most trading situations are neither black nor white but somewhere in between. Trading is an uncertain art form. If you wait for certainty, it will never happen.

Each trader must develop the ability to focus. A one market approach may be the answer for some traders while a single trading approach to several markets may prove to be successful for other traders.

What you will notice, each trader has their own system, whether it be trading on the long side or short side, yet within various types of markets. Some take into account seasonality others options expiration. Whatever system that is used the trader should have the following traits.

The successful trader will:

1) Identify a signal or a opportunity.

2) React decisively.

3) Feel good - whether he wins or loses.

4) Remain confident.

5) Be true to your proven buy and sell signals.