Wyoming Corporation Tax

Wyoming’s Business Tax Climate Ranks 7th

Wyoming Corporation Tax - Wyoming ranks 7st in the State Business Tax Climate Index, which measures the impact on business of five major elements of the tax system: the percentage of income taken by all taxes, the individual income tax rates, the corporate income taxes, the sales tax rate, and the complexity of the tax system. Neighboring states ranked as follows: Montana (17th), South Dakota (1st), Nebraska (35th), Colorado (8th), Utah (26th), and Idaho (31st).

Wyoming’s State/Local Tax Burden among the Nation’s Bottom Ten

For most of the past 14 years, Wyoming’s tax burden has experienced a steady decline. Estimated now at 8.9% of income, Wyoming’s state/local tax burden percentage stands at 44th nationally, well below the national average of 10.0%.

Wyoming Levies no Personal Income Taxes

Wyoming levies no individual income taxes, joining six other states with the same policy. This makes the tax environment in Wyoming very competitive compared to other states.

Wyoming Levies no Corporate Income Taxes

The state of Wyoming, in addition to collecting no personal income taxes, collects no corporate income taxes as well. Only four other states (Nevada, Texas, South Dakota and Washington) join Wyoming in levying neither income tax.

Federal Tax Forms for Regular or "C" Corporations

  • Form 1120 or 1120-A: Corporation Income Tax Return

  • Form 1120-W Estimated Tax for Corporation

  • Form 8109-B Deposit Coupon

  • Form 4625 Depreciation

Wyoming Corporation Tax - State Fees

Wyoming state fees are 87% less than Nevada's. That includes the Nevada "hidden" officer filing fees of $125 that you learn about only after you start your company there, a fee Nevada will hit you within 30 days after you start your company! Oh, and the state business license fee of $200 per year! We bet they did not tell you about that "after-the-fact" fee either.

Wyoming Corporation Tax - License Fees

Wyoming has no business license fees or officer filing fees. This means we can deliver a quality company package for much less than you would pay in Nevada. And, your Wyoming state renewal fee is $50, in most cases, 84% less than what you will pay in Nevada.

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