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Small Business Solutions

Small Business Formation

Small Business Solutions: We started this website to simplify the terms used in everyday Business and Health. I've also included topics that were of interest to myself and many of our readers. We make sure the content is short and sweet and to the point. I hope we've hit our goal. Thanks for supporting us through our affiliates and the ads on this site.

Alter Ego Doctrine
Articles of Incorporation
Business Type Chart
Corporate Formalities
Corporate Resolution
Corporations by State
Customer Relations Management
Dissolving a Business
Florida Corporation
Foreign Corporations
Foreign Corp and Taxes

Foreign LLCs
General Partnerships
How to Incorporate
Limited Partnership
LLCs Small Business
Nonprofit Corporations
Piercing the Corporate Veil
Registered Agent
Sole Proprietorship
Sub S Corp
S Corp vs LLC

Debt Solutions

Auto Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Loans
Business Credit Repair
Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling Agencies
Credit Profiles
Credit Report Repair

Business Credit Repair
Consolidate Student Loans
Creative Business Financing
Debt Management Defined
Debt Negotiation
Debt Solutions
Debt vs Equity

Mortgages and Home Financing

Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Bad Credit Mortgages
Bi Weekly Mortgages
Equity Loans
Fannie Mae Mortgages
FHA Loans Mortgages
Freddie Mac
Ginnie Mae
Home Equity Loans

Home Mortgage Loan
Hybrid Mortgages
Mortgage Buyers
Mortgage Types
Negative Interest Mortgage
Refinance Home Mortgage
Reverse Mortgages
Second Mortgages
Veterans Administration mortgages
Wrap Around Mortgages

Small Business Definitions

1031 Tax Exchange
179 Deduction
401k Retirement Plan
529 Plan
SBA 7(a) Term Loan Guaranty Program
Accounts Payable Defined
Accounts Receivable Financing
Alter Ego Doctrine
Angel Investors Defined
Anonymizer Definition
Articles of Incorporation
Bankruptcy 7-11-13
Business License California
Business Plan
Buy Sell Agreements
Computer Firewall
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Debt vs Equity
Disability Insurance
Employer Identification Number
Discount Factoring
Foreign Corporation
Foreign LLC
Health Savings Account
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Homestead Exemption

Independent Contractor
Joint Venture
Key Man Insurance
Limited Liability Company
Limited Partnerships
Living Trust
Revocable Living Trust
Irrevocable Living Trust
Trusts vs Wills
Long Term Care Insurance
Medicare HMO
Merchant Accounts
Patent Definition
Probate Basics
Registered Agent
Regulation D
Computer Router
Sample Business Plans
Shelf Corporation
Sole Proprietorship
Statutory Employees
Sub S Corporations
Tax Lien Certificates
W2 - Employee vs 1099
Wrap Around Mortgages

Home Business

EIN Employee Identification Number
Small Business Comparisons
Small Business Internet Fraud

Small Business MLM Scams
Small Business Startups
Small and Home Business Deductions
1099 IC - W-2 Employees
What Can I Deduct
Marketing an Online Business

IRS Standard Mileage Rates 2009

Small Business Financing Solutions

Medicare Part A vs Part B
Accredited Investor Defined
Angel Investors
Creative Business Financing
Equipment Leasing
Equity loan Commercial
Federal Grants

Joint Ventures
Explanation of LLC
Private Placements
Receivable Factoring
Surety Bond
Venture Capital
Women's Business


Advertising Blueprint
Advertising vs Public Relations
Business Names
Competitor Analysis

Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Components

Health Solutions

800cc Breast Augmentation

900cc Breast Augmentation

Large Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation ConsultationChecklist

Breast Augmentation Problems

Breast Augmentation Surgery Risks

Benadryl Side Effects


Cobra Employer Responsibilities

Dangers with Mammograms

Day Care Provided by Employers

Disability Insurance Definition

Dr.Leonards Catalog

Employers Corner HMO vs PPO

Family Medical Leave Act FMLA

Financing Plastic Surgery

Finding Plastic Surgeon

Health Coverage Tax Credit

Health Insurance Choices

Health Insurance Coverage

Health Plans for Women

Health Savings Account


HMO Advantages Disadvantages

HMO Identity Cards



Health Coverage Tax Credit

Jasco Uniforms

Key Man Insurance

Landau Uniforms

Legal Malpractice

Long Term Care Insurance

Medicare HMO Definition

Medicare Part D Coverage Gap

Medicare vs Medicaid


Private Mortgage Insurance PMI


Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Student Health Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Womens Health

Your Legal Rights Mesothelioma

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