Top MLM Companies

Top MLM Companies - Thousands of MLM opportunity seekers join hundreds of these MLM companies every day online. Unfortunately, almost 95% of them never see a profit.

The two major reasons for this are:

  1. A large percentage of MLM companies fail within a year.

  2. Many people quit their MLM businesses too soon. It takes time to gain momentun and reap the benefits of your expanding sales force.

Top MLM Companies Compared

Affiliate program MLM comparison can be a time consuming task, especially when searching for dynamic and explosive MLM companies. If you seek Top MLM opportunities, know that MLM works, but there are RULES to go by. Learn these rules to find a Top MLM opportunity that can provide you with lifelong residual income.

Rules for Comparing Top MLM Companies


Affiliate programs backed by Top MLM Companies with proven track records and time tested payout performance are those you should seek. If you put forth the effort to create the income stream, these Top MLM companies better be around to pay you!


Top MLM Companies must provide a real product or service that will be in demand by the general public. Many Top MLM Companies promise you income based not upon product, but upon their marketing structure. Others “sell you the dream.” It is easy to identify these "NOT" Top MLM companies because it is difficult or impossible to identify their product. If an MLM’s sole means of income consists of recruiting and then pushing unproven marketing products to those it recruits, it is at worst a scam and at best a very poor marketing strategy. Ask yourself whether your mom, would like to purchase marketing products from you. If you do not feel comfortable asking your mom, you shoukd not ask anyone else.


A unique business concept is a distinct advantage in product marketing. This is the very characteristic that has made Top MLM Companies so popular. A company able to wrap its merchandise in a novel and comprehensive marketing plan enables you to generate sales. You see, most marketing plans and products are not bad — it’s just that you should be using them, not selling them!


Residual income is necessary to make your MLM Business succeed. Do the work once and get paid for repeat sales and referral fees. Top MLM companies offering single-sale products or those that pay you only for your first sale to a customer are not good candidates for your business. Commissions based upon recurring membership fees also represent an important source of residual income.


The heart of Top MLM Companies is the ability to gain income not only through your own efforts, but through the efforts of others in your group. In a traditional (simple) Top MLM Company, you gain through your efforts and those of your downline (those below you). In a forced matrix, you can also gain “spillover” from your upline (those above you). There are many combinations and variants of these two basic themes; their implementation can become very confusing. A forced matrix or forced matrix variant can provide you with a fast start if your upline is very aggressive.

Geometric MLM growth factor

Once your MLM business reaches its point of critical mass, when leverage takes effect through increased knowledge and skill on your own part, and duplication through sponsoring and training others to duplicate, the rewards should grow exponentially as your volume grows. This is a business where you get paid a little for a lot of initial effort, then you get paid a lot more for no more effort once your network becomes self-perpetuating.


The internet is exploding globally. Let’s take full advantage of this burgeoning world market. Top MLM Companies have this capability.


An MLM opportunity should not cost you hundreds of dollars per month to get started. We consider Top MLM Companies that enable you to recoup your business investment within a short period of time with an option to join for free to be reasonable business investments. Avoid MLM companies requiring hundreds of non-refundable up-front dollars just to get you started.


Are you an experienced marketer? Most of us are not; we are ordinary people just trying to earn extra income or replace our current income. Some of us, provided we have the proper motivation and assistance, will go on to do more — which leads us to . . . .


An MLM opportunity should provide the tools and training necessary to help you get a quick start and grow your MLM business at whatever pace you find convenient. The MLM program sponsors should be able to resolve disputes and technical issues quickly and fairly.


Many of us have jobs and family obligations. The Top MLM Companies understand this and allow their affiliates to choose their own pace. We would like to generate extra income at our own pace in our work at home business without having to meet sales targets set by our MLM affiliate program sponsor.


Affiliate programs sponsored by Top MLM Companies should have the necessary infrastructure in place to provide full accounting (for referrals and sales), tracking (sales) and notification (referral) functions for you. This preserves your most valuable asset — time!

What makes The Top MLM Companies Legitimate

Start your own work-at-home business with this Top MLM Company today!

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