Advertising vs Public Relations

Advertising vs Public Relations

Advertising vs Public Relations - Advertising Promotion Space or time in the mass media must be paid for. Coverage in mass media, if any, is not paid for.

Advertising vs Public Relations - Determine the Message

  • You determine the message. Interpretation of the message is in the hands of the media.

  • You control timing. Timing is in the hands of the media.

  • One-way communication - using the mass media does not allow feedback. Two-way communication - the company should be listening as well as talking and the various PR venues often provide immediate feedback.

  • Message sponsor is identified. Message sponsor is not overtly identified.

  • The intention of most messages is to inform, persuade, or remind about a product - usually with the intention of making a sale. The intention of public relations efforts is often to create good will, to keep the company and/or product in front of the public, or to humanize a company so the public relates to its people or reputation rather than viewing the company as a non-personal entity.

  • The public may view the message negatively, recognizing advertising as an attempt to persuade or manipulate them. The public often sees public relations messages that have been covered by the media as more neutral or believable.

  • Very powerful at creating image. Can also create image, but can sometimes stray from how it was originally intended.

  • Writing style is usually persuasive, can be very creative, often taking a conversational tone - may even be grammatically incorrect. Writing style relies heavily on journalism talents - any persuasion is artfully inserted in the fact-based content.

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