Carbonite Backup - Computer Backup

Carbonite Backup - Computer Backup: Small application on your PC

Carbonite installs a small application on your computer that works quietly in the background looking for new and changed files that need to be backed up.

How I survived a PC disaster

It looks and feels just like part of your computer, and is integrated with your desktop—there’s no new interface for you to learn.

Carbonite Backup - Computer Backup - Completely Automatic

When your computer is idle, Carbonite automatically backs up your new and changed files. You don’t have to do anything! When you’re using your computer, Carbonite goes to sleep so it will never slow you down or interfere with your Internet connection.

Carbonite - Secure and encrypted to protect your Privacy

Carbonite takes data privacy and security very seriously. All your files are encrypted twice before leaving your PC. Files remain encrypted at our secure data centers, so only you can see your files.

Carbonite - Get your Files back with a few Clicks

If you accidentally delete or otherwise lose files, it takes just a few clicks on your desktop to get them back. If your computer is damaged, stolen or “just dies” and you lose all your files, just visit Carbonite’s website from a new computer. Within minutes you’ll be able to begin restoring all your files.

Back up at least your most critical files online. If for no other reason, you may find yourself on a business trip without a file you need. If you backed up the file online, no problem--just go on the Internet and get it. And be sure to back up those files every business day. Because online backup is automated and works in the background, why wouldn't you?

Carbonite Backup