Causes for Early Miscarriages

Causes for Early Miscarriages

A loss of pregnancy before 24 weeks is referred to as a miscarriage. Before 24 weeks gestation, the baby is not able to survive outside the uterus. In most cases, miscarriages occur before the end of first trimester, means before the 12th week of pregnancy. These miscarriages are known as early miscarriages. In some less common cases, miscarriages occur during the second trimester and are known as late miscarriages. A possibility of miscarriage in the third trimester is very rare.

Causes for Early Miscarriages - About half

About half of all early miscarriages happen because of a problem in the way genetic material from the egg and sperm has combined during fertilization. It can be difficult to find out why this has happened but it is more likely to be due to random chance than to any underlying problem with either parent.

Causes Miscarriages - Imbalances in pregnancy hormone

Imbalances in pregnancy hormones, problems in the immune system, and some serious infections are also thought to make miscarriages more likely. The risk of miscarriage increases with age, because the quality of eggs deteriorate. If a woman drinks too much alcohol or smokes heavily, the risk of a miscarriage is higher. It is also increased with multiple pregnancies, such as twins.

Causes Miscarriages - Reasons

What are the reasons for miscarriages? Some of the physical causes of miscarriage are hormonal imbalance, chromosomal abnormalities and genetic and uterus problems. Early miscarriages may be due to minor trauma, maternal age, environmental factors, sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse. Chromosomal abnormality is one of the most common reasons of miscarriages. About 70% of first trimester miscarriages result from chromosomal defects. Hormonal imbalance is also responsible for miscarriages in the first trimester. Hormonal imbalance is due to a deficiency of progesterone, which makes the uterine environment less receptive.

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