Civil Law vs Criminal Law

Civil Law vs Criminal Law

Civil Law in Business

Civil Law vs Criminal Law - Civil liability in business arises out of the relations between a business and the people it deals with, and is governed by the laws of contract and tort. Cases against a business, for example, for breach of contract or negligence have to be taken by the people directly concerned.

Criminal Law in Business

Criminal liability in business, on the other hand, involves a business committing a crime against the state, and public officials on behalf of society as a whole bring cases against a business. Criminal law applies across many business activities, and is especially important in areas such as the proper description and pricing of goods and services, and the safety of goods and services, particularly food.

Business Loss in Crime Policy

There are 10 covered causes of loss in the crime policy. Some policies only cover one, while others cover more than one. They are: employee dishonesty, forgery and alteration, robbery, burglary, safe burglary, theft, disappearance, destruction, computer fraud and extortion.

Civil law vs Criminal Law

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