Corporate Resolution Defined

Corporate Resolution Defined

  • Corporate Resolution simple definition is an action taken by the vote of a corporation's Board of Directors.

  • A document in which a corporation's board of directors states who is authorized to act on behalf of the corporation.

  • A written document adopted by the corporation's board of directors identifying the corporate officers who have the authority to sell, assign, and transfer securities held in the name of the corporation. For transfer or payment of a bond, you must present either the original document or a photocopy with a Medallion Signature Guarantee. The resolution must be executed within the past 180 days and affixed with a corporate seal.

  • A document which authorizes designated officers of the corporation to submit transactions in the registered account on behalf of the corporation.

  • A document which empowers and lists which individuals and departments can trade, invest, speculate, or hedge on the behalf of the corporation. Resolutions are passed on a case-by-case basis unlike the Corporate Charter. This document is authorized by the Board of Directors.

  • A form that is used by a corporation to designate an individual as a signer on behalf of the company.
Corporate Resolution Defined
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