Create Home Business Web Site

Create Home Business Web Site

Create Home Business Web Site - You know who you are. As an Entrepreneur, you embrace technology that gives you the competitive advantage. You put tremendous energy and effort into your business. Your energy deserves to be implemented, and your effort deserves to be complimented, with only the best of the best of the Internet tools and strategies available. That's why you are here...

We know who we are. We are Internet Technology and Marketing Experts with over a decade of experience designing and implementing leading edge strategies for Entrepreneurs much like yourself. We know where to focus our efforts. Our technologies, strategies, and tools are available only through elite marketing groups. You are here because you have been targeted by an elite marketer as deserving of only the very best that technology has to offer.

You deserve up-to-the-minute, state-of-the-art, easy to use, powerful, yet affordable technology to compete successfully in the Internet environment. We make our state-of-the-art technology easy to use, powerful, and yet affordable. As one of the leaders in Internet evolution, we have designed our hosting packages with you in mind.

Create Home Computer Business: Manage Your Domain: Keep your contact information updated easily by using the Domain Management System. You will also be able to renew your domain name and update the Domain Name Servers (DNS information). Enter your username and password.

Create Home Computer Business:
Word Wizard: Use the name of a major city or state as part of your domain name to make it memorable. The Word Wizard combines your keyword with either category to create a domain name.

Create Home Computer Business: Domain Twist: Having trouble coming up with an available name? The Domain Twist takes words and gives them a twirl to come up with variations of the original name.

Create Home Computer Business: Transfer Registras If you already own a domain name that you registered using another registrar you can save money by taking advantage of our low transfer price. An added benefit to transferring your domain to GreatDomainia .com will add one year to the original registration term.

Create Home Computer Business: Multilingual Registrations Create domain names in Korean, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The name you create will work just like any English-character name in that you can enter it into your browser and be taken to the corresponding website.

Create Home Computer Business: Multiple Registrations You can search and register a maximum of 30 domains at one time. Register variations of your primary names to avoid confusion and copycat sites.

Create Home Computer Business: In a Nutshell

    *Contact Form

    * Advanced Traffic Evaluation

    * Newsletter Management

    * Ad Management

    * Blogging Capabilities

    * RSS Feed Publication

    * RSS Feed Display

    * Link Exchange Management

    * Article Exchange Management

    * Professional Graphics discount

    * 40 Email accounts

    * An additional three (3) complete Website systems. (4 in all!)

    * The complete Rocketstart System, described above.

    * The complete Resellers System, designed to promote the NiceOffers program and/or the VeryVIP Pro package to merchants.

    * An additional VeryVIP Pro System to use as a product demo or for your own projects.

    Create Home Business Web Site: Create Home Business Web Site