Customer Relationship Management CRM

Customer Relationship Management - CRM Defined

CRMis about finding, getting, and retaining customers.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM is at the core of any business strategy and includes the people, processes, and technology questions associated with marketing, sales, and service. Organizations looking to implement successful CRM strategies need to focus on a common view of the customer using integrated information systems and contact center implementations that allow the customer to communicate by any desired communication channel. CRM is a major element in any customer Business strategy.

CRM Integrated Approach

CRM is an integrated approach to identifying, obtaining, and retaining customers. By enabling organizations to manage and coordinate customer interactions across many channels, departments, lines of business, and locations, CRM helps organizations maximize the value of every customer interaction and drive superior business performance.

Organizations must manage customer interactions across multiple communications channels including the Web, phone lines, field sales, and dealer networks. Many organizations also have multiple lines of business with overlapping customers. The challenge is to make it easy for customers to do business with the organization any way which is most convenient at any time, through any channel, in any language or any currency and to make customers feel that they are dealing with a single, unified organization that recognizes them for every need.

CRM Benefits

The benefits of CRM are easy to understand. By streamlining processes and providing sales, marketing, and service personnel with better, more complete customer information, CRM enables organizations to establish more profitable customer relationships and decrease operating costs.

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Customer Relationship Management CRM
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