Debt Negotiation
Alternative to Bankruptcy

Debt Negotiation, Alternative to Bankruptcy

Debt Negotiation is usually a viable alternative to bankruptcy, if you have income or, if you are willing to sell some of your assets. Debt negotiation can buy you time, in order to get your financial situation back in order. Many times in this procedure you will be able to negotiate the amounts that are actually due to your creditors.

Debt Negotiation and Creditors

These creditors find themselves in a situation, where they are willing to take a percentage of what you owe, as opposed to getting zero. Debt Negotiation can save you money, but it can also save the creditor because, at this point, they do not have to turn over your debts to a collection agency. For these reasons, the creditors will no doubt listen to your proposals.

Debt Negotiation and Pre-emption

Taking pre-emptive steps can also give you an advantage with Debt Negotiation. If you know you are going to have difficulty paying your bills. Contact your creditors and explain your financial situation. Include anything that looks promising in the near future that will help you pay the bills. Negotiate lowering the payments, until you get your finances in order.This also lets them know you have good intentions and are not just walking away.

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