Small Business Grants and Loans

Small Business Grants and Loans

Federal Business Grants

New initiatives, funded by the U.S.Government, and private foundations, allows only certain people that meet unusual requirements to obtain a Small Business Grant.

In the past, only the select few were privy to these funds. But this has all changed. Now what really makes these special initiatives different is who is eligible for these special Federfal Business Grants. Individuals are getting these funds on a daily basis.

No longer are Federal Business Grant the domain of the privileged and choice few, but now they can be awarded to everyday people. Special preferential treatment for those receiving grants is not tolerated at all. All applicants are treated equal regardless of race, creed, financial situation or credit stability.

Once you have been accepted to receive a Federal Business Grant, you should follow certain guidelines. Use the money to start a new business, pay off old debts, clean up your credit rating, or use these funds for just about any other purpose. It will be your choice which investment or venture to invest in. Once you have qualified for a Federal Business Grant, nothing can stop the funds from being delivered to your home by certified mail.

These special Federal Business Grant Companies are set up to assist those in our society that are unable to secure money through conventional means. Someone has to help those in need, and they are set up to do just that. Those applying for a Federal Business Grant must not have a total net worth that exceeds $250,000 and all applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

These are genuine initiatives offering money to those candidates that meet their criteria. The best thing about the Federal Businrss Grant program is that it requires: No credit checks, No credit history information, No co-signers, No collateral, No employment checks, No income verification, No higher education and even No special skills. But, most initiatives do require that you have a valid Social Security Number for tax purposes. Once you receive a Federal Business Grant, you must disclose the amount of funds you received to the U.S.Government. The Federal Business Grants they disperse are not tax-free. Money they send you must be declared on form 1099 to the I.R.S. and it is the responsibility of the recipient of the Federal Business Grant to declare his or her earnings to the proper government authorities. Trying to get money through a bank or another financial institution can be time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork, only to find that you have been denied. Private Foundations and Federal Agencies do not have to act under the strictest requirements, that banks do.

Small Business Grants & Loans from Canadian Government Programs - Grow and expand your existing business with money from the government through grants and loans programs. The Small Business Funding Centre has information on how to access these programs.

Small Business Grants funded by the Federal Government

Facts About Small Business Grants:
  • Over 10 BILLION dollars is available for entrepreneurs in the form of Low Interest Small Business Loans. 

  • Did you know that if every small business in America were to apply for and receive an equal share of Government Small Business Grants that each and every business in this great country would receive a $70,000 free cash grant?

  • Most recently the airlines have received Billions in grants to make sure they stay afloat through these troubled times.

  • The US Government is actually seeking people to start up small businesses. They have millions of dollars waiting for the hard working entrepreneur. 

  • Are you a woman or a minority that just needs to get your foot in the door? You would not believe the amount of money there is to assist you. Over 15 Million Dollars!

  • There are currently 12 million dollars set aside in direct Small Business Grants for women, low-income and minority entrepreneurs.

  • Everyday entrepreneurs across the country are receiving Free Small business grants from the US Government! Sometimes even through their own municipal governments!
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