Guide to Real Online Jobs

Guide to Real Online Jobs

Guide to Real Online Jobs

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Given the current global economic climate and outlook an increasing number of people are seeking to supplement their income through work at home opportunities. The Internet appears to be the ideal medium for such money making avenues since this situation suits the domestic circumstances of most people who are looking for relatively easy and convenient ways of generating revenue in order to maintain a good lifestyle.

More and more work at home programs are becoming available and with each one the claims of income also increase. The legitimacy of many of these programs comes into doubt at just a first or second glance. However, there are many opportunities and programs that appear to be genuine on the surface.

Our aim was to find out if these were credible and legitimate make money online programs.

Therefore, we shortlisted a large number of such programs available online and subjected each of them to a rigorous test drive over the past few months and decided to present them as this months Pro Consumer Guide.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Brief Summary of Findings

Our results were quite interesting and we can make the following summary conclusions. Firstly, these programs will not make you rich in a short time. The majority of them failed to make any money at all. Secondly, the ease of use and the ease of the methods involved varied a great deal. A lot of the programs offered very little practical knowledge and were lacking in instruction. (which is why we failed to make any money from them). Thirdly, a fair share of these programs wanted us to pay them more money which they did not actually disclose at the beginning. These were the main things we found.

However, what did surprise us is that we managed to produce some results with around six of all of the programs we tested. Not all produced a substantial income, but there were a couple that did stand out. If you are interested in pursuing any of these programs, you should be careful about which one you want to subscribe to. In what follows we will present our findings in more detail as well as information about each of the programs that made us a very reasonable income.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Detailed Information

Anyone who browses the web often will tend to come across a very large number of advertisements for work at home and make money online programs displayed on websites and search engines. During our research we counted in excess of 540 unique advertisements all making promises of significant income levels if a person was to purchase their program.

Guide to Real Online Jobs
- The following were typical ads that we came across:

As you can see, these ads make huge promises, and it all sounds very nice and appealing. But the question must be asked. Since the Internet is littered with these types of ads, is it really true or is it just too good to be true?

To answer this vital question, Pro Consumer Guides conducted tests over the past few months on 37 programs in the "work at home", "make money online", "home business" markets. We arrived at this shortlist of 37 programs by monitoring the most prominently advertised programs on the Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask search networks. As these are most popular search engines and portal sites, these ads probably reach most online surfers. So we made sure that we chose programs that were reaching people and which people would be likely to buy due to this heavy exposure.

All of these programs are still currently running and are open to new members, and they are all based on one premise (upon which they make their promise): That they will help you to make lots of money online.

Why are such programs so abundant and popular? The Internet's vast popularity and reach has made it extremely easy for the average person to earn anything from extra income to a complete living online. As the cost of entry is relatively low, these programs are becoming very popular. Generally speaking, large investment sums are not needed.

You don't need to be a technical expert because lots of free resources are available that allow you to facilitate many of the tasks such as publishing online. Given these facts, if you were to receive good tuition from a legitimate work at home or online business program that gives you step by step instructions, you can be successful fairly quickly.

A word of caution must be mentioned here. A lot of the websites that offer work at home, make money online and home business programs offer credentials and testimonials that sound inflated. In some cases we found claims that people on their programs were immediately making $20,000 or more in a single month. However, from our testing of these programs over a few months our results proved that it was not possible for most people to earn such large amounts in such a short time.

Nevertheless, our research did isolate a couple of very high quality programs with which a steady full time income can be earned. These programs scored top points in different areas. They were great value for money. They offered the latest methods and techniques. They were regularly updated and support was exceptional. These elements made the few programs stand out and they did provide very good results when we tested them for a two week period.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Test Results

The 37 programs that we shortlisted after surveying the major online search engines and portals were tested from between 10 to 14 days. We read all the instructions and followed them as indicated. Whenever the need arose we tried to contact the support team for the program to receive help and further guidance. We also noted the ease of use, the quality, depth and breadth of the information and the general feasibility of the program for the average person's use. In addition, we also opted in to the "free newsletters" and "email lists" that most of these programs offered. To do this we created a separate email address for each program so we could see what information they were presenting or what other offers they may be trying to sell.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Completion of our Study

Upon completion of our study, all of the shortlisted programs failed to generate any revenue with the exception of two programs. This means a striking 94.6% failure rate on the most popular online work at home and make money programs.

The two programs that showed positive results are very promising and we have provided the detailed results in the graphs provided further below. Specific daily amounts are given.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Receiving Payment

Since almost 95% of the programs failed to generate any revenue we could not evaluate how quickly we received the money and in what form it was received. Of the two that generated money for us, we received a check approximately 12 days after our testing period, which was a decent turnaround time.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Major Problems Identified

Around 95% of these programs failed our strict testing procedure, and thus were rated as very poor quality. Some of the characteristic features that led to poor quality gradings on all such programs include but are not limited to:

Too little information provided: Whilst the concepts and methods were presented fairly well, there was no further information of practical or instructional value. This left us a little lost. Poor quality of information: In some cases the program merely consisted of an E-book in PDF format ranging from 50 to 80 pages with an inflated font-size to make the book appear more than what it actually is. The information was poor, confusing and the content had many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. These were very unprofessional products. And we were surprised that such highly advertised programs could be of such low quality. Hidden fees and huge upsells: A number of these programs did not disclose that there were further fees for the use of certain resources they offered, and many others offered an "upsell" which is offering you a higher value item at the point of purchase.

No clear privacy or refund policy: Many of the poor quality programs did not offer a clear privacy policy nor a refund policy. We attempted to get refunds for some of the extremely poor programs but were unsuccessful in most cases. Selling of mentoring programs: Our personal information was used (or passed on to other organizations) and we received a few emails and calls in some instances attempting to sell us expensive mentoring schemes.

Poor customer support: The poor quality programs had support that was not very responsive and in some cases, non-existent.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Conclusion

Our tests over a period of 12 weeks proved very disappointing for the most part. The majority of these programs were a waste of time and money, and proved next to useless in the end. With a 95% failure rate in our study it is important that people ensure they join only the highest quality programs since it is very possible to make a reasonable income online. Our tests revealed only two decent programs which showed promising results.

The two companies that provide positive results only required a small registration fee and had a clear refund and privacy policies documented on their sites. The registration fees appear to be reasonable and legitimate costs due to the investment into the members area, the quality of information and the infrastructure needed to maintain the provided resources, as well as the provision of support. In particular, we found that the first program reviewed below was of exceptional value. The one time registration fee was negligible compared to the level of income that we were able to produce in only a two week period - and we got paid shortly thereafter.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Taking the Opportunity

InfoWorld reports that just the US online economy alone collected $102.1 billion in 2006. This was up 24% from the previous year. That's the data from two years ago and the current annual value is expected to be much more than that. With such an gigantic online economic machine it is no wonder that literally tens of thousands of people are self-employed with their own online home businesses and earning a respectable income. The online economy is set to grow even further as more and more people come online with broadband, and this proves that this is a great opportunity and probably the best time for people to participate in and take their share of this online income.

Finally, we'll leave you with the two programs which we used successfully to generate revenue:

The Profit Lance Automated Wealth Course Cost of registration: $77.00 Privacy policy: Yes Refund policy: Eight-week full money back guarantee Support: Excellent Click Here To Visit The Profit Lance Automated Wealth Course Pro Consumer Guides Review

Out of all 37 most popular programs, the one that produced exceptional results was Profit Lance. At the same time it was also the one that provided the greatest amount of value. Unlike the majority of other programs it was not merely an ebook download. It is a comprehensive online training course in the form of a private members area that includes tutorials, videos, projects, software and numerous other resources to enhance the experience.

The one off fee provides lifetime access so there are no recurring monthly fees to pay. In addition the support was very responsive and comprehensive and this provides newcomers every bit of help along the way in creating revenue streams online. We were greatly surprised at how easily we were able to get everything set up and start generating income in a relatively short time and without any great deal or previous knowledge of doing marketing or business online.

Profit Lance is a comprehensive step-by-step training course in building a home business online and attaining your financial goals.

In our test that lasted two weeks we got exceptional results with Profit Lance. The reason for this was because of the great resources and information and supportive tools, as well as the quality of instruction. The results are presented in the chart below and this is a direct screen shot of the earnings we generated.

To top it even further, Profit Lance provides all members with 15 professionally designed and pre-hosted websites. The website are turnkey and they contain reviews to promote a variety of products in currently hot markets. As this removes all of the technical problems of creating a site and hosting it, it allows you to start generating income pretty much straight away, if you apply the other elements of the course.

This is tremendous value considering that having a website designed professionally would cost you in the region of a few thousand dollars in addition to hosting fees every month. Profit Lance provides all that and gives free-of-charge hosting for the duration of membership (which is lifetime).

Customer support was very good, we had our emails answered within 15 minutes on average on the few occasions where we need a little assistance as this was new to us. One of the things that stood out was that the support gave more than just support but also gave us strategic advice and direction to help us have a better understanding of the whole process. Profit Lance has had tremendous reviews and we can only add to the voices of those people who have been helped financially by this program.

Finally, the Profit Lance wealth course provides clear privacy and refund policies on their website. The 8-week customer satisfaction guarantee is one of the best that we have seen so far. The other products we surveyed that did offer satisfaction guarantees only provided 7 to 28 day guarantees only. This means you can try the entire program for a full 8 weeks (2 months) without any risk to you at all. And based upon the satisfaction guarantee, you are able to get your joining fee refunded if you feel that the program is not working for you.

We found that there was so much more in the course (on top of what we managed to implement) that we will be actively pursuing the other parts of the program to further enhance the overall level of success.

Legit Online Jobs Cost of registration: $49.97 Privacy policy: Yes Refund policy: Eight-week full money back guarantee Support: Good overall Click Here To Visit Legit Online Jobs Pro Consumer Guides Review

Guide to Real Online Jobs - legitimate at home jobs

Legit Online Jobs has been around for a while according our research and is a fairly respectable program. It contains simple and straightforward instructions for setting up online and making money. Aside from the fact that it made us money, one of the main reasons why it was included amongst the top two programs was the program lacked the complexity of other programs. Step-by-step instructions are given for getting things in place and the program does not require in-depth technical knowledge.

Guide to Real Online Jobs - Results

The results we managed to achieve over a two week testing period is included in the chart shown. Another good aspect of this program is that it offers a single website that is already set up and configured to make members money. This gives you a head start in earning. Professional designers would normally charge anything up to $800 for the website that is offered for free to all members.

Support was good overall and email response times were often within a few hours. We got timely and reasonable answers to questions and received satisfactory support for a few technical issues we faced. So problems, if any, are likely to get resolved relatively quickly.

In addition to the main system, the Legit Online Jobs team also offers additional avenues of making money such as paid surveys and data entry jobs. These resources are included within the members area.

It is a lower cost product and in our view the earning potential even though it is there, is somewhat limited in the sense that the program only focuses on one main route of generating income. If you are looking for consistent long term revenue generated in different ways, then Profit Lance is the superior product.

In summary, Legit Online Jobs is a good program and offers good customer support to members. It also gives a 100% money back guarantee that runs for 8 weeks, allowing you to try it out without any risk.

Click Here To Visit The Legit Online Jobs Website

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