International Insurance

International Insurance For US Citizens

Most health insurance plans do not provide adequate coverage or any coverage at all outside the United States. If you travel or live abroad you should obtain a plan that will cover you adequately and provide repartriation if you need to return to the US.

Non-US citizens find it impossible to obtain standard coverage until they have obtained certain documentation and met residency requirements.

This web page will highlight the different types of international health insurance plans that are available.

International Insurance For US Citizens

If you plan to travel abroad, it is highly recommended that you obtain an international health insurance plan. Most health insurnace plans will not provide coverage outside of the United States or Canada. In some instances a domestic health insurance plan will provide coverage up to a limited dollar amount.

An international health insurance plan should provide the ancillary services that a traveler needs. This includes:

  • Emergency Evacuation - qualified medical care is not always available everywhere you travel and you want to be able get the best care.

  • Emergency Reunion - if you are alone, you might require the assistance of a family member to accompany you during an evacuation or just to help with your ongoing care

  • Repatriation - this will cover the return of your remains to your home country

  • Returning minor children - if you are traveling with a minor child, you may need for this child to return home due to your inability to supervise or care for them

  • 24 Hour Assistance - make sure you can reach the company 24 hours a day. A good carrier will provide a nurse line, translation assistance and any other help you need negotiating a country's health care system.

International Insurance For Non-Citizens

Most foreign nationals come the United States without any health insurance coverage. They might have plans that will be effective in their home countries, but most of these plans do not reimburse them for expenses incured while traveling.

International Insurance For US Citizens - HMO vs PPO Plans

In addition, traditional PPO or HMO plans have residency requirements that may pose a problem. Add to this problems of no local medical records, etc., it becomes a challenge to obtain insurance. Plus, if the applicant is over 64 they will be denied insurance as we expect Medicare to come into effect at 65.

To meet the special needs a number of companies offer an international health insurance plan that provides worldwide coverage. There are certain limitations as to how long these plans can be maintained. However, most have found that if you can refer to an address outside of the United States and cannot obtain health insurance from other sources, you can hold on to these plans well beyond your 65th birthday.

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