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eMarketing: E-commerce has redefined the marketplace. E-commerce is the sale of products and services over the Internet. It is the fastest growing segment of our economy. It allows even the smallest business to reach a global audience 24/7 with its product or message with low cost. Currently, there are more than 300 million people using the Internet internationally.

Sixty-nine percent of the online population has made at least one purchase in the last 90 days. Analysts project online sales of $3.2 trillion by the end of 2004. The Internet user average household income is $59,000, making this a very attractive demographic for your business to target.
To succeed, entrepreneurs must attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers. Marketing programs, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing people to try out or keep using particular products or services. Business owners should carefully plan their Marketing Strategies and performance to keep their market presence strong. Even if you choose not to sell your goods or services online, a business web site can be a virtual marketing brochure that you can update on demand with little or no cost. Your presence on the Internet can be a useful marketing tool by providing richer pre-sale information or post-sale support and service. This might temporarily differentiate your product or service from your competitors'. E-marketing has lessened the disadvantage that small businesses have faced for years when competing with larger businesses.

E-Commerce has redefined the marketplace, altered business strategies, and allowed global competition between local businesses. The term “electronic commerce” has evolved from meaning simply electronic shopping to representing all aspects of business and market processes enabled by the Internet and other digital technologies. SBA is preparing to help this new generation of Internet-enabled or eSmall Businesses.

Marketing - E Commerce

Today's business emphasis is on e-commercerapid electronic interactions enabled by the Internet and other connected computer and telephone networks. Rapidly business transactions and unparallelled access to information is changing consumer behavior and expectations. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is reshaping its programs to better serve small businesses that taking advantage of the Internet and other emerging technologies.

Many small businesses assume that the Internet has little value to them because they feel that their product or service cannot be easily sold online. But inexpensive information processing and electronic media can help most small businesses provide better, faster customer service and communication.

Bringing your Business online can be easier and quicker than you might think. We have checked out several and our choice would be SiteSell. Take a look and you decide. You will not believe how inexpensive it can be.

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Building your web site

You have three choices

  • Build your own site


    • You have the most control over the appearance and functionality of your site.

    • You have more options and flexibility compared to using site builder programs.

    • You can make changes when you want. You don't have to wait for the designer to do it.

    • You will be able to "tweak" pages if you later decide to use a site builder, because you will already know HTML and other programming code.


    • Steep learning curve requires aptitude for computer programming of moderate difficulty and a willingness to spend dozens of hours studying and practicing to become proficient.

    • It does not necessarily cost less than using a site builder program because of the costs of books, classes, and software (not to mention the value of your time).

    • You must find a hosting company to "host" your website on their server and you need to learn how to "upload" or "publish" or "ftp" (file transfer protocol) your site to the hosting company's server. The latter is not a complicated task; it's simply another skill to learn.

    Approximate Cost

    About $200 to $500 to start and another $500 within a few months to expand skills, keep up-to-date, and buy software.

  • Pay to have it built

  • Hire a Professional Website Designer

  • Advantages

    • Fully functional website built faster than it would take you to do it yourself.

    • The best option for big businesses or companies that need technologically sophisticated sites.

    • The site will look the way you want (or better) and will do everything you want.


    • Costs at least 5 to 10 times more than doing it yourself.

    • You need to carefully research potential designers to select the best for you. Since many designers are artists, they might produce beautiful sites that unfortunately do not effectively market your products or services.

    • The best design professionals either know the important business principles regarding website development or work as a team with internet marketers and other professionals.

    Approximate Cost Varies widely depending on the nature of the job and the designer's fee structure. Plan on at least $1500.

  • Use Site Builder Software


    • You can learn how to use the site builder programs faster compared to learning HTML.

    • If you buy the less expensive, highly-rated site builders (on the Rankings page of course!) you will spend a great deal less money than with the other two options.


    • You will most likely still want to learn some HTML with all of the site builders. Some of them require knowing very basic HTML, which is easy to learn. At the same time, you often find that knowing even more HTML allows you greater flexibility. Learning HTML can actually be advantageous -- unless learning a little "code" is something you would really rather not do.

    • You are more dependent for technical support on the company that sells the site builder. This is not a unique disadvantage, because you will also inevitably need assistance if you decide to build a site the "old fashioned way," using a site editor and uploading your pages to a web hosting company. It's simply important to recognize that there is a learning curve with the site builders that will occasionally require you to ask for clarification or further explanation.

    Approximate Cost $495. See the Rankings and Comparison Chart pages.

    We have included a Web Hosting Company that includes many features at a low cost fee. Plus it educates us on all the facets on building our business, instead of just building a web site. Please take a look at the Comparison page.
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