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Merchant Accounts - Being a Small Business or a Home Based Business, accepting credit cards with a merchant account can increase your sales potential by seventy million customers in the U.S. Credit card processing analysts estimate 9 out of 10 people use a credit card for their online orders.

Any type of legitimate, legal Small Business or Home Based Business can set up a merchant account to increase sales and profits. Even if you've been declined for a merchant account or credit card processing elsewhere.

With a Small Business or a Home Based Business Merchant Account you want to offer your customers the Ease, Speed, and Convenience of buying from you. If you don't have a merchant account to accept credit cards, your competitors will.

One of the things a small business or home based business owners must consider before opening small business or home based business merchant accounts is how to sell their products and/or services. Will your customers make purchases online or through mail order? Most small business or home businesses probably won't sell items on-site as do retail stores, but through mail order or online. The majority are typically interested in selling items online. Merchant Account: The merchant service account set up between a business and an aquring bank when the business would like a merchant account to begin accepting credit cards for goods and services. With a internet merchant account credit card processing can be made easy. Merchant accounts can help a business increase sale 50% or more. We offer a direct merchant account with a fast approval.

A merchant account is the key to accepting credit cards. Without a real merchant account for internet and retail sales it's very hard to compete. With a Merchant Account you want to offer your customers the Ease, Speed, and Convenience of buying from you.

Nilson Report on Merchant Accounts August 2004

  • Internet transactions will account for 10% of total US Retail Transactions expected to top $229 billion by 2008

  • Internet Shoppers will increase by 5 million per year for the next 5 years

  • Over 90% of online transactions done via credit cards

  • In 2002, Americans charged $1.3 trillion on credit cards

  • About 87% of US households have at least one credit card and carry an average balance of over $8,000

  • Average number of credit cards per card holder is 5 to 6 combined credit and debit cards

  • In 2002, Americans made an average of over 60 credit and debit card transactions per card

  • Average amount charged to a credit card for one transaction is $70 for VISA and MC

  • About 24% of all US personal consumption expenditures are made on credit and debit cards...this figure is expected to rise to 30% in 2006!

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