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Mortgage Buyers - Structured Settlements

Mortgage Buyers - The potential reasons to sell your Privately Held Mortgage are numerous. It could be you are planning a new investment strategy? Or maybe you want to buy more real estate or start your own business. Perhaps you need to fund a medical emergency or pay for your child's education. Or maybe you and your husband or wife just want to take a needed vacation.

Whatever your particular situation, selling your contract to a Mortgage Buyer is an easy way to turn your monthly receivable payment into an immediate and large sum of cash.

And don't worry about your buyer. When you sell your note to a Mortgage Buyer, the sale does not affect the buyer at all. Their contract terms will remain the same.

Mortgage Buyers wants to help. They give you the cash, plus complete relief from the stress of many situations:

  • Collecting the payments

  • Keeping track of both principal and interest

  • Default and foreclosure

  • Federal tax reporting requirements

  • Deterioration or seizure of the property

  • Fire insurance lapses

  • Bankruptcy of the borrower

  • Complications due to death or divorce of borrower

A Mortgage Broker or Structured Settlement Company will let you receive your money now, instead of waiting years for the payments to come in. A lump sum of cash can be yours nowl, while small monthly payments often get spent rather than saved.

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