Objective Statement

Objective Statement - Purpose

The purpose of an objective statement is to tell the potential Employer what you are trying to achieve your professional objectives. The resume objective statement is a concisely written statement.

The objective statement's purpose is to explain to the potential Employer the reason for sending them a resume in the first place, then clearly this explanation belongs in the resume cover letter. There is really no reason for wasting space on the resume itself by including this statement.

The objective statement is typically included as the second paragraph of a resume cover letter. The first paragraph should give the reader a good reason to continue reading through the cover letter and on to the resume itself. It should present your career highlights and achievements and get the reader excited about your prospects at their firm.

Objective Statement - next step

Once you've convinced the potential employer that you've got the skills and experience, the next step is to tell them why you are writing them. For example, you might be responding to an advertisement found on website or in the newspaper. In that situation, you may want to identify the exact position you are seeking at the firm.

If you are looking for a job with an organization, but you don't exactly know a job title, then the format you would use is more of an organizational objective statement. This type of objective statement would be more "vague" than one targeting a specific position in a firm.

Objective Statement - What to avoid

What you want to avoid is using an objective statement that is so restrictive that the reader does not see a good fit in their organization or, even worse, that you are not considered for another job opening in the company. This is another good reason for putting the objective statement in the cover letter and not on the resume itself: It is much easier to modify the objective statement on a cover letter to fit an organization, than it is to rewrite your resume for every single job prospect. 3190127370

Objective Statement - Components

  • What you're doing - I am bringing or presenting to you for your review.
  • What you're presenting them with - my achievements, skills, knowledge - which will also appear on the resume itself.
  • Why you're sending them a resume - to discuss joining their organization as a member of a group, team or department.


Objective Statement