Online Payment Systems

Online Payments Systems

Online Payment Systems - There are many ways to complete money transactions online. Online Payments Systems offer you a choice which depends on your finances and business needs. Unless you are an experienced programmer you will need an online shopping cart service. With online payment systems there are several third party shopping cart solutions available. They are relatively easy to set up and to implement. One drawback to using third-party shopping carts is that your customers are taken to another website for the purchasing process. This may take away from their experience of your site.

Online Payment Systems offer cash payments easier to set up. Funds are transferred from the buyer's bank account or credit card to the sellers account. This is similar to writing someone a check but much more secure and easier to track. This type of service is most commonly used for services that do not require shipping or taxes, hence there is no need for shopping carts to manage the information.

Online Payment Systems - SEND/RECEIVE MONEY: Buy or sell online. Witn an Online Payment Account, holders are able to send or receive funds to/from anyone with an e-mail address, even if they don’t have a StormPay account. Many online vendors accept payments directly from your Online Payment Account.

  • Safe Online Shopping Environment: Shop the net safely without worry of compromising your financial information. Your credit card and banking information is secure with your Online Payment Account.

  • Instant Payment Notifications: You are notified instantly via e-mail when someone sends you funds. You can also have Immediate Payment Notification (IPN) sent to your integrated (back-office) script/program.

  • Accept Payments Online: Increase sales by accepting payments online. These accounts allow online vendors to accept payments from potential customers all over the globe. All types of vendors are welcome as long as your product or service is legal.

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