Private Placements

Private Placements

Private placements finance programs are available to companies that are currently seeking private placement offerings and also to those needing assistance in structuring the Rule 506 exemption, Regulation D private placement offering.

Advantages Private Placements:

  • A properly formatted transaction can provide 100% of your capitalization needs including full reimbursement of your pre-closing expenses

  • You maintain control of the pace and you control the odds of success. The better your management team is at planning the goals and vision of your company, the faster and more successful your investment activities become

  • You are not required to sign your personal assets away with any kind of personal recourse, cross collateralization or cross default provisions

  • Once you pay the investor premium, 90% of the available cash flow goes to you, not to the bank or the venture capital fund
  • You retain the strategic management control and day to day control of the business operations not some other board of directors

  • A properly structured and formatted transaction virtually eliminates the exposure of the principals and the investors to market risk, business operating risk and investment risk

Private Placements

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