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Real Estate Investments - Tax Lien Certificates

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Real Estate Investments - There are numerous exciting opportunities and businesses that can be worked from home. We at did some extensive research on Real Estate Investments. What we found was Real Estate Investing was over-looked by many because of the upfront cash that many people think is necessary to invest. Check out these two courses for "Low Risk" results.

Real Estate Investing - Tax Lien Certificates - Low Risk.

The two principal methods of Real Estate Investing used are debt and equity. Debt is secured against the assets and the cash flow of the real estate, which guarantees the payment of principal and interest on a regular basis to the investor. Equity offers no guarantee or requirement of the repayment of the initial sum invested or indeed any investment return at all. Debt creates the obligation to make fixed payments of principal and interest, and hence is recorded as debt on the balance sheet. In contrast, equity investments are treated as capital. The same distinction exists in corporate financing. In each case of real-estate Inveatments, the ratio between debt and equity is determined in accordance with the metrics of the real estate in question, for example, land value, building value and forecast cash flow and the details of the concerned structure. In some structures,there is only debt securitization and in other cases only equity.

Investing in Tax Liens - - Tax Lien Certificates - Real Estate Investing - Low Risk.

Tax Lien Certificate When a property owner fails to pay his/her real estate property taxes. Unpaid taxes become a lien on the property. Basically, this means that the delinquent tax bill is recorded in the local governments property records, and until the taxes are paid, the tax lien remains. Meanwhile, a statute mandated interest rate penalty from 15% up to 50% per year is mounting up. If the real estate property taxes remain delinquent for too long (five years or less) the property owner will risk losing the real estate.

Real Estate Investing with Foreclosures

Real Estate Investing with Forclosures: The word "foreclosure" translates into images of bargain-basement buys. The first thing you should do is block these visions of paying 10 cents on the dollar. In these times of a very strong real estate market, such a deal is nearly impossible. HOWEVER. To expect 20 - 50% off the market value of a property is not unrealistic.

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