Receivable Factoring

Receivable Factoring

Receivable Factoring - A major financial component critical to the success of your new business.

Factoring Receivable sources provide an expedient means of acquiring working capital by selling your accounts receivable for a product or service that has been rendered. Account receivable funding or factoring fills a need for your rapidly expanding company if you are outgrowing your operating capital.

Receivable factoring increases your working capital - A major benefit of receivable factoring is the increase in working capital with availability of cash on a regular basis. This will ultimately improve the profitability of your business, it maintains your good credit rating for your business, it allows you to take advantage of discounts for purchases, avoids interest and penalties, and allows you to fund expansion and growth plans for your business.

Receivable factoring is contingent upon your customer's creditworthiness, not yours. Unlike a traditional loan or capital sources, it's not an issue if your credit is poor or not yet established. You can avoid: restrictive covenants, tying up all your assets, giving up equity, the burden of periodic loan payments, and going through the yearly loan review process.

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