SCHIP Program

SCHIP Program - The State Children's Health Insurance Program

SCHIP Program - The State Children's Health Insurance Program - This is Title XXI of the Social Security Act and is jointly financed by the Federal and State governments and administered by the States. Within broad Federal guidelines, each State determines the design of its program, eligibility groups, benefit packages, payment levels for coverage, and administrative and operating procedures. SCHIP provides a capped amount of funds to States on a matching basis for Federal fiscal years (FY) 1998 through 2007. Federal payments under title XXI to States are based on State expenditures under approved plans effective on or after October 1, 1997.

State Children's Health Insurance Program Directors. Each State, Territory, and the District of Columbia has a coordinator for the program who is responsible for the administration of the approved SCHIP state plan.

SCHIP Program Waivers

State Children's Health Insurance Program Waivers and Demonstrations. The Social Security Act authorizes multiple waiver and demonstration authorities to allow states flexibility in operating Medicaid programs and SCHIP programs. Each authority has a distinct purpose, and distinct requirements.

SCHIP Program Section 1115

Section 1115 Research & Demonstration Projects: This section provides the Secretary of Health and Human Services broad authority to approve projects that test policy innovations likely to further the objectives of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. The download below "Title XXI Demos Web Report" gives a summary of all active and proposed SCHIP demonstrations and waivers.

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