Health Insurance for Students

Health Insurance for Students

Health Insurance for Students - The healthcare needs of students are unique – often times, you may be caught between being covered as a dependant on your parents’ health insurance and having a job that offers you health benefits. Your needs for healthcare and saving money are a priority since a student’s finances are often limited. If you are uninsured and suffer an injury or illness, the costs can be quite excessive. Student health insurance doesn’t have to break your budget though – there are a number of affordable options that will offer you comprehensive health coverage.

Health Insurance for Students - Security of Knowing

College students often feel that they have youth on their side, and that health insurance isn’t a necessity. Even the young and healthy face the risk of an injury or illness, such as a virus. It’s better to have the security of knowing that a student health insurance policy will protect you financially. Doctors’ visits, hospital stays, and medical procedures can be extremely costly if you are uninsured.

Resources for the Uninsured

Even if you have had no success in finding health coverage, have hope! There are some resources for the uninsured which you may find helpful, including prescription drug assistance programs.

Prescription Drug Assistance

You or your family uninsured or without benefits?

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