Creating a Cost Effective Web Presence

Why create a Web Presence?

  • Web Presence increases Visability

  • Web Presence increases Customers

  • Web Presence increases Revenues

  • Web Presence increases Profits

Bringing your business on line is essential if you want your business to grow in today's market place.Think of internet as an instrument of company change. Along with cost control and teamwork, internet often demands that companies implement continuous improvement. However, cost is always a major concern. Every growing business understands how important a web presence is, but realize that not everyone can afford a high priced web services firm.

Why is it important to have a web site?

The internet can be powerful tool and when used correctly can increase your businesses exposure and increase sales of its products and/or services. It can create a whole new way to communicate with your existing clientele and expose them to changes within your company in a timely manner and gain new cosumers for your products and services.

There are many factors to consider once you decide to take your business online. The two immediate concerns are cost and time. Many companies itemize all cost, such as registering your domain, e-mail accounts, search engine submitting, marketing and several more. To be an expert on web presence and making most of your web site takes time and what seems like ongoing cost, which can be substantial.

Really only One Choice to take your Business Online - Compare

  • Use Site Builder Software

  • You can learn how to use the site builder programs faster compared to learning HTML.
  • If you buy the less expensive, highly-rated site builders (on the Rankings page of course!) you will spend a great deal less money than with the other two options.


  • You will most likely still want to learn some HTML with all of the site builders. Some of them require knowing very basic HTML, which is easy to learn. At the same time, you often find that knowing even more HTML allows you greater flexibility. Learning HTML can actually be advantageous -- unless learning a little "code" is something you would really rather not do.
  • You are more dependent for technical support on the company that sells the site builder. This is not a unique disadvantage, because you will also inevitably need assistance if you decide to build a site the "old fashioned way," using a site editor and uploading your pages to a web hosting company. It's simply important to recognize that there is a learning curve with the site builders that will occasionally require you to ask for clarification or further explanation.

Approximate Cost

$500. See the Rankings and Comparison Chart pages.

Really only One Choice to take your Business Online - Compare

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