What is spyware?

Beware of Spyware

What is Spyware? - Spyware is a program that is introduced into your system and gathers information about you, without your knowledge or consent. Spyware has evolved into an insidious threat to everyone. How do you get spyware? It can enter by way of e-mail, downloads, or even if you simply visit a web site. These agents, in many cases, steal your passwords and credit card information, they stay busy loading pop-up ads and other spyware, until your computer slows to a crawl. Constant crashes. Untreated, your computer will simply stop working.

Spyware criminals can record your every keystroke. Imagine, someone is watching everything you do on the web. Where you go. What you buy. They know where you live, they may even have access to personal, financial and medical information. They can hack your files, even use YOUR computer to send out THEIR spam! In effect, these spyware agents 'take over' your computer, draining your system's resources.

It's no surprise that spyware is a major cause of Identity Theft. And today, spyware has become so sophisticated, so dangerous, that it threatens the Internet's security.

Spyware not just growing, it's nearly out of control. According to a report by the National Cyber Security Alliance, a private public partnership supported by the Department of Homeland Security, fewer than 10,000 cases of spyware were reported in 2002. In early 2004, reported cases numbered over 500,000, and today, that number has doubled. And that's just what was reported!

Do you have Spyware?

Look for these symptoms:
  • Your computer runs slower than when it was new.
  • Pop up ads suddenly appear from nowhere.
  • Your system boots slower than when it was new.
  • Random windows open and close quickly during startup.
  • New icons appear on your desktop or in your system tray.
  • Your home page suddenly changes.
  • Google or Yahoo! searches take you to a different search page.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms?

You've got spyware!

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